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Pity? Or pathetic?

This is not an email. It's worse - a bad golf course website. Thanks to Jason Wilson of Gallus Golf for sending it to me:

You have to pity the course operator, whose inattention to the site allowed someone to hack into it, and post text with links to XXX-rated porn sites.

But looking further, and it appears this site has not been updated since...wait for it...2008! Bush the George W. was still president! We hadn't found and killed Obama yet! The country was in the midst of the biggest and deepest economic bust since the great depression!

My guess is Kristi Fillman, the site administrator, is long gone, having hightailed out of Ely for the friendlier confines of...Lovelock, NV. With her she took the site administrator credentials and all means by which this site can be edited and updated. Given that the domain registrant is in Panama, and the registration doesn't expire until June, 2016 - the only choices are to (1) pay an exorbitant fee to buy the domain name, or (2) establish a new domain and have a credible website company, like 1-2-1 Marketing,  build a new site.

Or maybe, in sleepy Ely, Nevada, time has stopped and nothing has changed. No need to update things when there is nothing new to report. In a way, maybe that's what we'd all like, an idyllic waltz through life. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on down the road. All is as is should be. Except for the porn.