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The USGA, handicaps, and playing with yourself

Leave it to the USGA to follow the lead of the National Football League and make rules not only more difficult to understand, but impossible to enforce as well. My friend Robert Harris, of the award-winning Golf Dispute resolution, has a humorous take on this latest development from Far Hills. You can read it here:

Given this obvious level of mistrust, I think the score posting computers will soon have a virtual bible, upon which the golfer will place his left hand while raising his right and swearing to the truthfulness of his score. This, while the computer camera is capturing the process on video. Back in the Far Hills control room/command center, experts in body language, eye movement, and speech will attest to the golfer’s honesty. If they sense a lie, a sharp jolt of electricity will create a shock in the virtual bible, and a warning screen will appear giving the golfer one more chance to post his proper score. If he tries to post the same score again, or is detected as a liar, he’s tasered and banished to play nothing but unrated par-3 and executive courses. To be reinstated, he must successfully pass an online rules test. 100 questions. Any score under 100 fails.

And we wonder why more golfers don't have handicaps...

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