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Wait, you haven't heard about You mean you missed the articles published here, here, here, and here? Really, you must catch up on your industry news, don't you think? And while you are at it, check out It tells you what every public golf course needs to know about this web app service.
Similarly, is lucky to have been recognized by some perceptive media and golf consultants as a very smart idea. People like John Strege of Golf Digest, Jim Dunlap of the Pellucid Perspective, and Jim Keegan of JJ Keegan+. We thank them, and know there will be more.
There is no denying that golf courses have capacity they do not fill and generally, cannot sell for other than ridiculously discounted rates (hellooo, GolfNow). And, there is also no denying that golfers do not have as much time to play as they'd like. The answer, the solution, is to think outside the box, outside the limited thinking that golf in 18-hole, or 9-hole increments is the only way to sell golf and make money. is here to provide an alternative for a business plan written decades ago. is here to shake the trees of tine-constrained golfers, and rattle the brains of golf course operators to find the progressive ones who live in the present and can see the future, rather than succumb to the tortuous thinking that is killing golf courses around the country. does not offer full salvation from what ails golf courses. But it is a start - and a relatively risk-free one at that. The upfront cost is just $299, plus 30 minutes of set-up time and some simple staff training. Market it to your customers, and see who falls out of the trees. There are millions of golfers who will tell you right now - they would play more often if they had the time.
With available at their favorite course, they can play as time allows, and only pay for what they consume. We're helping to rebuild the golf business, a few holes at a time. We invite you to join us.
By the way, here is the icon you'll see when you bookmark our web app to your mobile device. It is the gateway for golfers to play the game a new way, one that opens the way to playing more golf.
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