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Have you joined the Golf Alternative Revenue Movement?

Golf Datatech reported a measly .6% increase in rounds played in 2016. I write that with some sigh of relief - at least it wasn't a decrease. And some in the golf industry see this statistically flat report to be our new normal. Maybe. We don’t know the industry revenue numbers because of the unfortunate demise of PGA Performance Trak. We do know, however, that some course operators are finding alternative means to produce more and new revenue.

Golf facilities are installing golf simulators; upgrading their F&B and banquet capabilities to attract weddings, meetings, and events; building golf academies and upgrading their practice facilities, and installing things like FootGolf, or other machinations that sling or fling with the hopes of producing some bling. All of these have one thing in common – none of them puts people on the golf course swinging and hitting a golf ball.

We at are taking a self-appointed leadership position in the Golf Alternative Revenue Movement (GARM). Our goal is to help courses generate incremental revenue from golfers playing golf on the golf course. We recognize these two indisputable facts: Golf courses have capacity that goes unsold, almost daily; and, golfers don’t have time to play as much as they’d like. Write those in permanent ink.

The app enables golf course operators to easily offer golf in a pay-by-hole alternative format, on days and at times best suited to their operations. Golfers can choose to play as many holes as their time allows and only pay for what they play. won’t be measured in rounds by Golf Datatech, but it will be measured in dollars in the cash drawer. is real golf, on real golf courses, played by real golfers paying real money. Who wants to join us in the Golf Alternative Revenue Movement? Go to

Contact Harvey Silverman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or 650.346-3566. He’ll be at the Golf Industry show meeting new members of GARM, and would like to meet you too. Email him – it will be worth your time and effort.