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Hmm, hmm...yuck!

Here is another example of food photography gone bad. Hopefully for diners the shrimp has not, but where are the tomatoes and carrots? What is that white stuff in the middle with appendages sticking out of it, fumunda cheese?

Here's the thing about food photography - it is an art form. There are photographers around the world who specialize in food photography. They use special tricks, lighting, and substances to make the food appear appetizing and inviting. It's usually not the way you'll get it on your plate, or out of the bag, but the point is to make you believe you will. An iPhone photo of what the chef just cooked up won't.

Oh, and it is "the veranda."


Subject: Friday Night Fresh Fish for November 13th Shrimp Stew & Tomato


                      Friday Night Fresh Fish
                         November 13th, 2015
                           4:30pm to 8:00pm  
                     Reservations recommended

          Shrimp Stew & Tomato with carrots                

Dine in our Club Room or enjoy your dinner on veranda overlooking the golf course. Watch your favorite sporting event on one of our 9 flat screen TVs while dining at the bar or in the restaurant. 

   To make dinner reservations or for more information
                           please call 805-238-4722.