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Golf Course Marketing

My greatest contribution to the golf industry has been authoring the NGCOA's "Beware of Barter" guide. It is the consummate guide to the cost and terrors of giving up your tee times to a third party and the nefarious ways they disintermediate you from your customers. You can download and read it HERE. Your business will be better for it. 

If your staff includes people with strong marketing backgrounds, who can write creatively and with impeccable grammar, and who have the time to plan and execute marketing programs, count yourself as one of the very lucky few golf course owner-operators.

For the other 95% of you, if you are still riding the “build it and they will come” train, I’m afraid that train has left the station. However, there is still hope for you.

A wise man once said, “"People think they've always missed an opportunity--the problem is, they haven't...There's always another train coming along...there's always an opportunity in the marketplace, the question is when to get on board with that opportunity."

That opportunity is here now, with Silverback Golf Marketing. Obtain the help you need to effectively market your golf facility, and become a feared competitor in your market.

Brand and image building is the key. Knowing where you stand against your competitors is vital. Digital marketing is the methodology – no, email is not dead – along with a website that evokes a passion to play your course, and social media posts that trumpet why you are the best course to play. Getting "Likes" is good. Getting more rounds and revenue is better. Just ask your banker which he prefers.