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Who I am

I've worked in the golf industry since 1996 when I took a pioneering sales job with EZLinks Golf. I was attracted to the idea of online tee times, back when the Internet was exploding upon the technology scene. Living in Silicon Valley inspired my "what, are you nuts?" career decision much to the chagrin of my lovely wife Bonaventure, and my kids Marki, Ross, and Brooke.

14 10 28 with Bonnie on Capri

In order of beauty, here is my wife Bonaventure, on top of the island of Capri, with me. If you've never been there, or the Amalfi coast of Italy, I highly recommend making the trip. Sorry, my wife won't accompany you.

I followed my stint with EZLinks moving to another golf technology company that was purchased, and subsequently killed by Brett Darrow and I tried cart-mounted GPS systems for a year with UpLink, but my boss and I disagreed on sales tactics so I was fired on Sept. 10, 2001. The next day, all of our lives were turned upside down.

I dabbled with a couple other technology companies, but found myself more and more learning and understanding the myriad challenges facing golf course owners, and seeking wisdom from smart people about how I could assist their efforts. I joined Pellucid in 2005 in conjunction with a sales opportunity with a Canadian point-of-sale provider, who misrepresented its capabilities to me and Jim Koppenhaver at the 2005 PGA Merchandise show. That did not deter Jim and me from joining forces, so to speak, and with Jim I developed the marketing component of Pellucid, as well as its survey product, and was a contributing editor of The Pellucid Perspective, my first paid writing gig. I was told when I was young to find work with people smarter than myself and learn from them. I did just that, in my 10 years working as a consultant with Jim and Pellucid. In many ways, it changed my thinking about the business of golf.

Now I am on my own and am fortunate to have a loyal portfolio of clients who trust me to execute plans in a timely and professional manner and provide sound advice and judgment. I work without ego - I'm not going to flatter you with how many frequent flier miles I have, or how many top 100 courses I've played, or how many holes in one I've had. Actually, that's zero, but I am not too proud to admit it. I am a consistent 15 handicap and attribute my best rounds to the hole just happening to be where my ball was rolling that day.

Call me. I'm easy to talk to, and love meeting and discussing the golf business with dedicated golf course owners and operators. Yours is a tough job - I'd like a chance to make it easier.