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A Victim of Circumstance - SAD!

EZLinks, much like GolfNow, offers an "all-in-one" packaging of tee sheet/PoS system, email marketing, web app, and website. All well and good, until the website provider takes advantage of the course and produces a piece of crap like this.

Recently, EZLinks changed web providers from 1-2-1 Marketing (which hosts my website and those of my happy clients) to Course Trends, a notoriously sub-standard provider (IMHO) who operates on the barter arrangement. More on that in a minute. You'll see below that on Thursday (that would be Oct. 20), the low in Phoenix is forecast to be...ZERO! Holy frozen greens, Batman - ZERO degrees in Phoenix ARIZONA? Hope no one has overseeded yet. Wait...wrong!

But, not to worry. This brand-spanking new website is also NOT MOBILE COMPATIBLE! So, anyone looking at this on a mobile device will never see the ludicrous forecast, so no big deal, right? Wrong. This is a major WTF moment!

Here is the unfortunate consequence of agreeing to a barter arrangement - you get exactly what you pay for. This is not on the golf course - good people with a good operation and a nice course. It is on EZLinks and its partner Course Trends who both have failed to deliver what the course expects, and deserves. 




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