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More golf...when? And, what the heck is a "drink ball?"

Here's a good one from one the golf robber barons. First, note that the deal ended in March of 2016! Dude, get yourself a new calendar.

Second, why would anyone getting this ever pay full price at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa? 51% off? Can anyone say, "RATE EROSION?" 
And last, everyone here at BGE (Bad Golf Emails) is dying to know what the hell a "drink ball" is. Is it a ball that was found and retrieved from the drink (body of water)? Is it a ball that when hit, will find its way to the drink? Has Ojai discovered a new way to serve drinks, either in a ball or maybe a frozen ball? And for the sake of decency, we'll refrain from any sexual connotations and leave that to our readers' imagination. 
17 03 20 more golf today