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It's as simple as the Gregorian calendar - or is it?

Here's another shining example of GolfNow's marketing prowess, coupled with a course manager who obviously failed the first-grade subject of how to read a calendar. This email is ridiculously confusing at several points which inevitably will cause customer service issues. This course is also a threatened muni - anyone want to guess why? 

Poplar Creek Golf Course


Aeration Notice & Pricing

It is about that time of year where the greens yearn for oxygen and we core the course. Please consider the conditions when booking your next tee time!

Due to the course being aerated last week, Poplar Creek will be offering special pricing through April 6th:

Aeration Schedule : March 26-27

Monday March 26- Regular rates.1st tee closes at 2pm Aeration on Front 9

Tuesday March 27-             (discounted rates apply)

- 18 holes open for play. First tee opens at 9am

- No early back 9 play to accommodate back 9 aerification early am

Wednesday March 28-

-All 18 open for play at reduced aeration green fees

Thursday March 29-Friday April 6th --Special aeration discounted green fees

Green Fee and Cart Fee Schedule

March 28th-April 6th Special discounted aeration rates.


Weekday Rate $27,Twilight $19, Late Twilight $14, Back 9 $14

Weekend Rate $33, Twilight $25, Late Twilight $20, Back 9 rate $20

**April 7th regular play and regular rates apply


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