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Where, oh where?

Supreme Golf touts itself as the Kayak of golf. It scrapes available tee times from various OTTAs including GolfNow, TeeOff, and even Groupon - proving course operators are still stupid enough to use it. So with all that, you'd think they'd have a pretty good idea of U.S. geography, all the better to target people by location and match them with courses in their area. 
Ha! If the email below, received on March 10, 2020, is any indication, Supreme needs a supreme lesson in geography. The "Midwest" listing courses in California? The "East" listing courses in Michigan? The "South" listing a course in Arizona? This is supremely BAD! Get yourself a U.S. map, Supreme! And a compass. 
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March is here and Supreme Golf is getting in on the bracket action! The Supreme Sixteen features 16 of the best golf courses in the United States that you can book a tee time at right now on Supreme Golf. Check out what courses made the list below and book that bucket list round of golf you've always dreamed of. While you're at it, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to vote for the best golf course in America!

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