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Email Database Enhancement

There is one extremely critical element I see in every golf course customer database - a lot of blanks spaces in the "Email address" field. There is usually a name, sometimes an address, and likely a phone number (please don't get me started in the help who inputs "9999999999"). But those empty spaces indicate a customer you cannot talk to, unless you want to send him a snail mail letter, or call him on the phone. We know the chances of that happening.
The insidious discovery in these databases is the ubiquitous, default email accompanying a customer's contact information who reserved a tee time on GolfNow. It looks something like this: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It has absolutely no value to the golf course. That customer came, paid, and played - and you cannot contact him.
Until now.
I work with the V12 Group, and have for over eight years. They are a top-5 U.S. direct marketing firm. They know data, and they have data - nearly 100 million U.S. email addresses profiled in more ways than Tiger's made swing changes. We can take a golf course customer database and find email matches to customer contact information, where no current email exists. Match rates are as high as 30%. Okay, it's not 100%. But what if you were able to add 200, 400, 900, or several thousand verified emails to your database, and start messaging people directly, people who have played your course before? For less than half a buck each? 
Wouldn't that be great? 
Even better, there is no obligation to buy until you know how many email matches we find. We just need a copy of your customer database, in Excel format, and you'll have an answer in less than a day. Security? Not an issue. It is illegal under CAN SPAM regulations for V12 to use your database for any commercial endeavor. They would lose their credibilty, and credibility is king in the data handling business.
It costs far more to find a new customer, than to retain one who already is one. Finding a way to contact these people is a critical element of today's world of golf marketing. I can help you, and you'll be happy with the results.
Here is a scorecard of recent email enhancement projects:
Email Enhancement Scorecard      
Course location Customer records Emails matched % Gain
Semi-private course, South Carolina 5007 1317 26.3%
Municipal course, Illinois 23,154 5642 24.4%
Municipal course, California 3699 (GolfNow) 898 24.3%
Daily fee course, Colorado 42,078 5788 13.8%
Daily fee course, Pennsylvania 47,995 5523 11.6%
Daily fee course, Virginia 7119 (phone only) 707 9.90%
Municipal courses (2), Southern California 4904 (address) 1220 24.90%
Municipal courses (2), Southern California 639 (phone) 63 9.90%
Daily fee course, Nebraska 474 (address) 136 28.90%
Daily fee course, Nebraska 28,837 (phone) 2363 8.20%
Daily fee course, Wisconsin 2,049 (address 320 15.60%
Daily fee course, Wisconsin 16,980 (phone) 1697 10.00%