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Reputation Management

“I change the story.”
Ray Donavan, season three, episode 1

Hey, even Yosemite National Park gets bad reviews:

Fortunately for Yosemite, millions of people visit it each year anyway. And honestly, it likely doesn’t care if idiots like the ones who wrote these reviews ever visit.

You cannot be so callous. Bad reviews and comments can hit you from all directions, from all the golf review sites like GolfNow’s Golf Advisor and, to social media like Facebook and Yelp. It takes more than just tracking these and hoping there’s not an onslaught of negativity, it also takes an appropriate response that renders the bad review nearly meaningless.

Take a look at golf review sites. You’ll come to understand quickly that “we have more than our fair share of nattering nabobs of negativism.” (Spoken by Vice President Spiro Agnew, written by William Safire).

If your reputation is a concern, and it should be, I can help.