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Technology Consulting

There are no easy answers. This much I find absolute: Paying cash for a tee sheet/point-of-sale/online booking system must be an incontrovertible expense line. Period. If you cannot afford to pay cash for a system that is the lifeline of your business, then either other expenses are out of line, or you should develop an exit plan. Or, put an existing exit plan into motion.

I have sold various technologies to lots of golf course owners and operators over the years. Tee sheet, PoS, GPS, tournament software, online booking connectivity, and apps. The problem for the numerous technology providers is this: If there are 15,000 golf facilities in the country, they are run 15,000 different ways.

I write about it too:

We can debate all day the merit and evil of barter for tee time services. I’ve seen it work for clients, and I’ve seen it be destructive for others. Barter for tee time services is the epitome of the two-edged sword. I try to bring logic and sound reasoning to the discussion, taking my typical 360-degree view of all elements of the presentation with as little bias as possible (we all have biases – be careful of those with a financial stake fueling their bias).

Let’s talk. You have to start somewhere.